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Enhance the look of your door by adding a custom wood carving that reflects your personal tastes and lifestyle.

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Crafted Northwest Doors

Custom Wood Carving Options

















Each wood carving is hand tooled at our facility in Spokane Washington, resulting in a unique work of art every time.





A carving can be placed almost anywhere on the door.  Some suggestions include:

  1. On the center of the top door panel
  2. Centered on the lock rail in the middle of the door
  3. Centered on the top rail of the door
  4. Draped across the top rail and partially down one side stile
A Grapevine theme for your Wine Room or Pantry....



A nature/wildlife theme for your Front Entry, Office or Pantry...

Add Alder Leaves around the top rail and down a side stile


Add a bunch of leaves on the lock rail or top panel


Create the feel of the woods with Pinecones


Add some wild life with a Grizzle Bear


...A grazing Elk


Add an Evergreen on the panel of your door...


...Or a group of Evergreens in front of Mountains


....Or go with a nautical theme


Tall ship at sail...


Crafted Northwest Doors can incorporate wood carvings in custom furniture as well as doors.  Some popular options include Mirror Frames, Mantels and Chair backs.


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