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Crafted Northwest Doors

Clavos Options








A Clavos is a metal nail or strap that can be added to the door for decorative purposes.


See Below for more information and options




Metal Work can enhance the appearance of a door.





The Clavos' we use at Crafted Northwest Doors are hand forged from metal to create an authentic old world look that enhances the appearance of the door. 

Clavos' can be added to any size or style door.

Clavos' are commonly added to doors in the following ways:

  • the tops and bottoms of panels
  • the center of panels
  • the center lock rail
  • the top and bottom rails
  • any combination of rails and panels

Clavos' come in a variety of finishes, sizes and shapes. See below for more information.




Clavos Sizes

The Clavos' we use at Crafted Northwest Doors are hand forged, come in three sizes (1-1/2", 1-1/4" and 1")


1-1/2"            1-1/4"           1"


Clavos Colors

The Clavos' are available in Black, Rust or Natural (unfinished to age naturally over time). 


  Black         Rust          Natural


Clavos Shapes

Clavos' come in round, square or split strap (also know as butterfly) shaped.


 Round       Square            Split Strap


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